48 hours in Miami on a budget

Miami is well known around the world for unique culture, balmy beaches and amazing diversity. The thriving entertainment industry and tropical climate that exist in Miami has made it a global hotspot for executives and tourists alike. From the recent studies, it has been identified that Miami attracts over 12 million visitors per year.

If you are reading this article, you must be planning to visit Miami. If so, keep on reading and we will let you know how to survive for 48 hours in Miami on a budget.

Miami Beach

Day 1

If you want to enjoy an affordable yet delicious southern meal, you can head to Loveless Cafe and Motel on your very first day. Their breakfast platters start from just $9. You can simply start the day with some ham, gravy and biscuits.

If this is the first time you have come to Miami, it would be better to seek the assistance of a self-guided tour. You will have to spend around $20 for a guided tour around Ryman Auditorium, where world famous artists such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash have performed.

If you are a country music lover, you should visit Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. You will have to spend $22 for an entrance ticket, which offers access to some great artifacts as well.

For the lunch, you can go to Puckett’s and try some of their famous pulled pork and deep fried pickles. You will have to spend around $8 for the lunch. In the afternoon, you can stroll through Centennial Park and experience the serene greenery. When the evening draws near, you would want to get back to the town and enjoy some music with beer. Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and Robert’s Western World are some of the classic bars in Miami and you would love the lively atmosphere in them. You can find plenty of accommodations in Miami at affordable prices to spend the night.

Day 2

On the second day, you can visit Garden Brunch Café and enjoy your breakfast for just $11. Then you can go straight to the Grand Ole Opry day time tour, which costs $19 per adult. The guide would assist you to get a better idea about the legendary status of it. You can also think about visiting The Johnny Cash Museum, where you will have to spend $14 on the entrance ticket. Or else, you can visit The Hermitage and slot in a bit of history time. You can find a large number of nearby restaurants, where you can have the lunch for a decent price.

When it’s evening, you can come back to Music Row, which would offer amazing live music. In here, you will get the opportunity to bar hop till you drop. Then you can visit Tavern for a late night dinner and enjoy their Tavern burger for just $10. As you can see, you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to spend 48 hours in Miami.

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Thomson Sensatori is the right choice for summer holiday 

You know, I have been to a lot of places, but I can’t say that I have seen the world. Still, I think I have enough experience about traveling. And I know what is a great experience and what is not. So, to be fair to myself, I think that I have good right to tell you something. The great resort of nature and a great place to visit. A Thomson Sensatori resort is one of the places that you really have to see. Sensatori Turkey has 19 pools, indoor and outdoor disco. There is so many different and great party people that go there. Some say that Sensatori Turkey has 2000-plus guest per arrangement and when you come near to Sensatori Turkey resort, you can see its name on a mountainside above the resort, written by the green laser light.

If you know that Turkey is a country with the great history, and it is a part of the world where many important things happened through the history, then you can assume that not far from Lykia is one of the most famous sarcophagi from the 4th century BC.

Sensatori Turkey Pool

If you are not one of the history lovers, then you will find a plenty excitements in the Sensatori Turkey resort.

This holiday near Oludeniz is organized to give you non-stop activates in order to make your holiday unforgettable. And it is not an expensive, For example, you can have all-inclusive deal for two persons just for 2000 euros, and that amount of money will be enough to have holiday from dreams.Sensatori Turkey

There are tennis courses, volleyball and basketball courses also. Polygons for archery, golf course and many more things that you can do, like rock climbing or bowling.

If you are planning to go with family somewhere for the summer holiday, than Sensatori Turkey is the right place for you. This place is made for children, believe me. All sorts of things that children enjoy are there. When I went there with my family, my son was so impressed by Sensatori Turkey that we will definitely go there next year again . Jet-skiing, rubber raft, scuba-diving. Oh, scuba-diving. I remember his face when had to duck down and go under water, and the exact moment when he came on surface again. Those kinds of moments are just more than precious for any parent.  Places in resort like children’s Paradise are really something cool and your children will be grateful for every moment they spend there. Staff that works there is so polite and ready to meet your needs. In order to give you the best holiday ever, they will do all they can, and I don’t say this just to do the advertising for them, no, I say this because it is true.

Sensatori Turkey resort is something that you have to feel. I can write a thousand pages about how I felt there, but words cannot explain these things – you have to go there and feel it of your own.

Sensatori Turkey


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My favourite foods from around the World

Having spend the last 5 years travelling around the world, I’ve discovered some amazing food. Below is a section of my all time favourites.

Curry in India

curryI love spices. I love curry. What better place to have both.

Spending time travelling around India saw me try many different curries. North India offers more flavoursome curries, whilst the South is rich in spices.

India is also amazing for street food. I’ve had some of the best samosa’s from street vendors. They’re also very cheap and filling.

Steak in South Africa & Argentina

You can’t beat a good steak. I’d find it hard to find better quality steak than in Argentina or South Africa.

Having been to both, it’s difficult to choose between the two, but if I had to pick, it would be Argentina. The steaks are tender, flavoursome and moorish.

Tapas in Spain

tapasWhat better way to watch a Spanish sunset, than with a glass of Sangria and a table full of Tapas.

I love the way the Spanish eat. Relaxing, talking with friends, drinking and nibbling on amazing food.

Don’t be afraid to try everything on the menu, especially if you’re eating with friends. There is so much choice including traditional Paella.

Pizza in Italy

If you want the best Pizza, go to Italy.

Italians have been making pizza for decades, and they say practice makes perfect.

Travelling round Italy, you’ll see pizzeria’s on every corner. I found, if you go off the beaten track, you’ll find the best pizza’s at very reasonable prices. Tourist hotspots such as Venice & Rome will charge you double the price. Don’t be afraid to wonder down the back streets and find that hot slice of deliciousness.

Dumplings in China

noodle-soup-with-shrimp-dumplingsChinese food is just as good as an Indian curry. My favourite here were pork, shrimp & leek.

Thousands of dumplings are consumed on a daily basis in China. They are cheap, fresh and perfectly steamed.

The street food in China can sometimes leave a lot to the imagination. If you like deep-fried bugs, then your choice is endless. I did try some crickets, but can’t say I’d want them again.

Home cooked pulled pork in America

When I was traveling across the USA, I was lucky enough to spend time staying with a couple of American families. One in particular in North Carolina stuck with me.

On a warm Saturday afternoon in May, the BBQ was fired up and I was treated to some of the best BBQ food I’ve ever had. Hotdogs, ribs and my favourite, pulled pork. The flavour coming out of the pork was immense and it was too tender. If only they would have given me the recipe!


Let me know some of your favourite foods from around the world by leaving a comment below.

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The Backpacker in Goa

I arrived in India about 18 months ago on a backpacking trip on my own and I never thought I would end up living there.

Living in Goa is laidback and a pretty easy way of live as the time passes slowly and although the costs of living is low thae quality of life is beyond my expectations.

Surprisingly, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to food and drink as there are many restaurants in Goa and a lot of them are run by hippie beach-goers who moved out there back in the 70s and 80s to live the dream and when you speak to them, they will all tell you that they are doing the job that they love and make just enough money to get by.

Many expats here own their own bars, cafes, teach yoga, Reiki, massage, sell handicrafts, or are digital nomads. I spend most of my day working from my computer at a pool, beach or cafe which I adore and then go out for dinner in the evening have drinks with friends too, all in all, my life is not too stressful at all.


Goa is not the place where you can only spend a few days as there is so much to see and explore so I would give yourself at least a couple of weeks. If you do have to cut your stay short then I would recommend that you visit Vagator or Anjuna beach where you can really get to know the laid back locals.

Unsurprisingly, the best thing to do in Goa is heading down to the beach to soak up the glorious sunshine and treat yourself to a spot of pampering whether it be hair threading, massage or just enjoying the beautiful surroundings. You can do a spot of shopping if you wish but if you’re lucky, women will come by on the beach selling anything from jewellery to brightly coloured sarongs.

I found during my stay that there some favourite restaurants that are a must visit including, Basilico for a tasty Italian meal, Thalassa for the best Greek food where you can also absorb one of the best sunsets that you will ever see. A trip to Goa would not be complete without sampling the seafood from the beach huts.

Goa has it’s local curries including and some of the most popular being xacuti, cafreal, vindaloo, sorpotel eaten with fermented rice cakes called sannas. The local drink is called “cashew fen” which can only be found in Goa and will blow your head off.

music-576989_1920Goa is famous for psychedelic trance parties so even if you don’t like the music it’s worth checking out because at the very least it will be an eye opener. Just think twice before you accept a drink from someone as it might be “magic”!! There are more mainstream clubs and some of the bests one to try out are Teso, Club Paradise and Club Cubana.

High season is October through to March and normally peaks in December. If you are staying on for several weeks then you are more than likely to come across a saturday night market which I love as it is filled with live music, great food and fabulous Indian handcrafts. Wednesdays host a flea market during the day where they will have more locally produced treats over the westernised crafts.

To explore Goa, I would recommend you either hire a bike or car so you can adventure out to the places further afield. Inland you can take to some beautiful waterfalls, rafting, see the spice plantation or explore the old Goa which has a lot of character.

I don’t believe that Goa is any less safe than any other of the popular countries expats travel to, I think if you have common sense and are alert to your surrounding then you will be just fine. Yes, you may find someone trying to scam you, but you will find this in most countries! One thing you may notice and that is local Indian men staring or taking photos or videos, but be assured this is more from a curiosity point of view and should be taken fairly lightly, the best thing to do is not let it wind you up! If you are friendly and kind to India then it will be friendly and kind back to you. It is a country that you will love and sometimes hate but it is versatile and I simply love it here.

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